The Verox Mission

The Verox Mission is to empower all cryptocurrency users to take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning. By empowering cryptocurrency users, Verox pushes the crypto ecosystem forward.

Financial security in today's world is increasingly scarce. At a time when humans are launching satellites into space and landing rovers on Mars, people in the world still go hungry and have limited access to banking.

Even in developed nations, such as the United States, up to 25% of households are either unbanked or underbanked.

According to the World Bank, almost 2 billion people are unbanked across the world. This works out to almost 25% of the global population. That is 1 in every 4 people alive.

The number 1 reason for being unbanked, according to the World Bank report, is the lack of money to open an account.

In 2021, after facing down a worldwide pandemic, the global population is experiencing even more drastic income inequality. As countries shut down to prevent the spread of infection, millions of people lost their jobs, while Billionaires saw their wealth increase by over 1 trillion USD.

There is good news hidden in all of these reports

The majority of those who are unbanked are in developing nations, where access to a smart-phone is increasing year after year. With just a smart-phone, and an internet connection, the unbanked can participate in the economy, transforming their status from unbanked to self-banked.

Cryptocurrency is the future

Cryptocurrency is the future, and it is Verox's mission to help advance this future. By making artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible and approachable to cryptocurrency users across the world, Verox helps traders make a profit.

In essence, Verox increases the net-worth of it's users. This has a compounding effect as the crypto ecosystem grows.

One person in a developing nation who uses Verox to become profitable, will be able to pay for goods and services in their local community. This gives other people the chance to build wealth.

Verox is working at the core of the problem, building tools to advance financial inclusiveness and self-sovereignty.

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