VeroxAI Coin Analyzer

VeroxAI is a revolutionary, Artificial Intelligence based portfolio manager. The VeroxAI Coin Analyzer utilizes Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create a score, from 0-100, based on the quality of the coin and its potential for investment returns.

Professional traders, banks, and hedge funds use tools like this every single day. It allows them to beat the market and make great returns for their wealthy clients. The mission of Verox is to put this power into the hands of regular people, which provides an even playing field.

Let's take a look at how the VeroxAI Coin Analyzer works. The VeroxAI Coin Analyzer can be broken down into 2 main sections, Community and Automated.

Community Based Inputs

Community based inputs rely on feedback from the Verox community in the form of voting. As the Verox ecosystem grows and more users participate, the feedback from the community will become more valuable. This is because markets are actually based on human psychology.

Market psychology largely revolves around investor sentiment. How investors perceive an asset plays a role in whether market participants are buying or selling. In fact, one of the most famous trading systems, Elliott Waves, is based around the collective sentiment of investors.

The Community based inputs serve to collect information based around investor sentiment. This information can then be fed into machine-learning models and help give a more accurate representation compared to automated analysis alone.

Community based inputs fall into the following topics. When you look at these topics, you will understand how they are subjective, and the valuation of an asset can be influenced based on how investors perceive the asset.

  • Innovation

    • How innovative is the technology behind an asset? Innovation is defined as an original idea that is new, that offers an improvement upon the old method. For an example, Electric cars are innovative, and this plays a part in Tesla's stock price.

  • Trust

    • How trustworthy is an asset? Imagine two separate assets with identical characteristics. The asset that is trusted by investors will have a higher price, than the asset that is not trusted.

  • Physical product/Stage of development

    • What does the asset represent? What stage of development is the asset? There exist many assets that are valued based on their future earning potential

  • Vision

    • What is the vision of the asset?

  • Team

    • How strong is the team behind an asset? As Steve Jobs once mentioned - "Ideas are worthless, execution is worth millions". The team behind an asset is in integral part to reaching its full potential

  • Community

    • How strong is the community behind an asset? An active, enthusiastic community forms a positive feedback loop for all participants, and serves to draw in more investors.

Automated Inputs

Automated inputs are based on objective data that can be quantified and fed into a machine learning model. Objective data is data where the result is clear and measurable. For example, if you were to step on a scale to measure your weight, the result is an objective bit of data. At the specific moment in time, your weight is not changing.

Over time, objective data does change. Verox's AI system is constantly scanning up-to-date data, and running models on the most up-to-date information in real time. The results of this data analysis are objective and actionable.

Automated inputs fall into the following categories:

  • Price Trend

    • The trend is your friend, is a popular saying amongst professional traders. The price trend refers to the direction of price movement over time. The longer the time period, the stronger the trend, the more actionable and reliable the data.

    • For example, the price of ETH increasing for multiple weeks in a row, is a stronger indicator than the price rising for only 5 minutes.

  • Volume and Liquidity

    • Volume and Liquidity are some of the most important factors for professional traders. Without sufficient liquidity, there can be no efficient market. Liquidity refers to the ability to buy into and sell out of an asset at the current market price.

    • VeroxAI scans liquidity and volume in real time to give you actionable data and insights

  • Buzz, Social Media, and Developer Activity

    • A project needs all 3 of these components to be successful, especially so for newer projects. If a project has an active developer team, but no social media presence, there will be no buzz. People will not know about the project, and this will result in a low price.

    • VeroxAI factors all of these categories, and tracks them in real time to give you actionable data and insights

  • Potential Growth

    • VeroxAI analyzes the current and future market projections for all projects, using publicly available data sets. Potential growth is determined by looking at the current market space, and where the project is in its life cycle.

  • Prospects of adoption

    • For a project to be successful, it must eventually be adopted and used daily. VeroxAI tracks a number on ranking factors to determine the likelihood of a newer projects being adopted.

  • Use Case

    • Use Case is the holy grail. For a project to be successful, it has to have a targeted use case. Let us for an example take a look at our own project, Verox. There exists a gap in the market for access to insights for AI and ML tools in trading. Currently, these tools are being used by professional traders to their great advantage. Verox brings this advantage to the user with the VeroxAI app.

VRX tokens are required to access the app and profit from VeroxAI's trade signals. This gives VRX token amazing utility, use case, and demand - all components of what makes tokens valuable.

The Verox team is building an AI that ranks cryptocurrencies on multiple factors - it only makes sense that we designed our own token, VRX, to perform high in all categories.

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