What is Verox?

Verox is an exciting decentralized finance protocol that is currently in heavy active development. At the core of Verox is VeroxAI - a crypto predictions and analytics tool powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These AI/ML models are constantly scanning 3,000+ coins and tokens, in order to provide actionable insights to both beginner and professional traders.

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The AI/ML models generate signals by analyzing wide sets of data, ranging from traditional technical factors such as fibonacci lines and pivot points, to more fundamental data such as token distribution, frequency of developer activity, and social media sentiment.

After analyzing all of this data, VeroxAI provides a coin ranking, and selects which coins are good buys or sells. Since the crypto market is always active, VeroxAI analyzes this data in real-time. Real-time data analysis allows the VeroxAI to update its signals for each change that happens in the market.

For example, VeroxAI scans and analyzes the developer activity of cryptocurrency projects. Imagine a new DeFi token starts with 2 developers actively working on the project. Each week, this new token adds new developers and contributors to the project.

This action would be picked up by VeroxAI, and factor into the machine learning models. Increasing developer activity is a positive growth sign for projects.

Likewise, when developer activity decreases, Verox picks this up, and feeds the information into the machine learning models. Decreasing developer activity is a negative growth sign for projects.

A single factor by itself is not worth much, but many factors together become valuable information. Verox synthesizes information from various sources in real-time to deliver results to users.

Like cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science are fields that are revolutionizing industries. Verox is the fusion of these fields, building a bridge between cryptocurrency traders and AI.

As of now, the players who are taking advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence are banks, hedge funds, and professional traders. Verox levels the playing field, taking power away from the big banks and hedge funds, placing the power back into the hands of regular people.

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