What is the VeroxAI App

The VeroxAI App is the entry-point into the Verox Ecosystem. At it's core, VeroxAI is a crypto predictions and analytics tool powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using VeroxAI, users can get recommendations for trades and yield farming.

The VeroxAI app is under heavy active development. You can track the upcoming public release on the Verox launch website


The VeroxAI App is cross-platform, available as a web app, iOS app, and Android app.


The VeroxAI app is the command center for crypto trading and yield farming - it is your entry point into the world of profiting from crypto trading.

Scan 3,000+ cryptocurrencies

From the VeroxAI app, users can view real time price feeds and live data for 3,000+ cryptocurrencies and price charts can be viewed across various time frames - with trade signals for each cryptocurrency.

Get the latest news for each cryptocurrency

For each cryptocurrency, users can view the latest news and the coins current recommendation for buying and selling. For example, the recommendation will range from Strong Buy to Strong Sell.

Top Picks

The VeroxAI app scans a truly massive data set in real time. From within the app, users can get the VeroxAI's recommended top picks. This represents the cryptocurrencies selected by the VeroxAI to have the best potential price increases.

The VeroxAI app will also show users which cryptocurrencies are trending. This is achieved by using on-chain metrics, social media engagement, and price performance. Using the trending feature, you will learn in real-time which cryptocurrencies are experiencing surging buy volume and social media mentions. This can help you get positions in the market early.

Set Alerts

The VeroxAI app allows users to set customized alerts for individual cryptocurrencies. Get informed in real time, never miss out on the action.

Set Favorites

By selecting your favorites, you can tailor your VeroxAI experience based on the coins you want to trade.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The flagship features of VeroxAI is fusing the world of cryptocurrency with the world of the artificial intelligence and machine learning. VeroxAI scans the markets consistently for new and updated information. Information is gathered from news articles, social media posts, on-chain blockchain data, price action, and more.

Trend Gauge Algos:

1. Technical Analysis Algo for finding patterns

2. Sentiment Analysis Algo to find overall market sentiment

3. Sentiment Analysis Algo to find sectoral Sentiment

4. Fundamental Analysis Algo to find github trends

5. Technical Analysis based on Stochastic and RSI to find strength.

VeroxAI Coin Analyzer

The VeroxAI Coin Analyzer allows users to select any of 3,000+ cryptocurrencies and receive personalized trade recommendations as well as professional analysis of the coin. To achieve this, VeroxAI processes massive data sets in real time, using machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to create a score of 0-100 for each cryptocurrency.

Learn more about the VeroxAI Coin Analyzer

VeroxAI Yield Farming AI

The Verox Yield Farming AI empowers users to place their crypto where it will earn the most yield. Yield Farming is providing liquidity to a DeFi protocol. In return for providing liquidity, users will receive liquidity tokens, when represent the users contribution to the liquidity pool.

Yield Farming can bring amazing returns on investments, but to be successful it requires knowledge of DeFi protocols and projects. The Verox Yield Farming AI processes huge data sets in real time to make sure you always send your liquidity where it will make the most yield.

For example, many yield farming protocols will display the expected APR you can earn on your investment. However, more that simply the APR % needs to be factored into the decision of which cryptocurrency and DeFi protocol you want to provide liquidity to.

Imagine that a cryptocurrency is providing a 300% APR for providing liquidity. In addition to the APR, VeroxAI will perform deep analysis of the crypto to determine the future expected price. If the price of the cryptocurrency is expected to drop, VeroxAI will not recommend this cryptocurrency for yield farming.

Instead, VeroxAI will select a cryptocurrency that provides a great APR percentage, and is expected to increase in price.

Automated Trading Bot

Coming soon to VeroxAI is automated algorithmic trading bots. Users of VeroxAI will be able to run automated trading bots across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges as well as Verox DEX. The VeroxAI trading bots leverage the cutting-edge VeroxAI data set, resulting in great performance.

The automated trading bot's take advantage of the volatility of cryptocurrency markets, which allows VeroxAI users to earn profit whether the market goes up or down.

AI-powered Best Long Term Investment

Cryptocurrency is a volatile market. Coins can increase in value fast as the market changes to new developments. The AI-powered Best Long Term Investment tool allows VeroxAI users to put their crypto where it will receive the best return over a long time period.

The AI-powered Best Long Term Investment feature is focused on cryptocurrencies that will outperform the market over long time periods. An example of a long term investment, is buying ETH when it was valued at less than $10 USD. To profit from long term investment, users must hold the asset for a long time period.

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